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Do not attend your appointment if you show any of the symptoms related to COVID 19 including:



*Shortness of breath

*Sore throat

*Muscle Pain

*stuffy or runny nose

*loss of sense of taste or smell

If you experience symptoms call 811 or your health care provider

When you arrive at the clinic:

*wear a cloth mask that covers nose and mouth

*if your mask must be removed for treatment, keep conversation to a minimum

*Only touch surfaces when necessary

*Hang clothing and purse in designated area

Our safety measures for your piece of mind

*Our staff are medical professionals with extensive backgrounds in aseptic technique and control of pathogens

*We will be wearing face shields and gloves for all treatments

*Appointments will be spaced to ensure distancing

*A UV Ozone purifier will be used between appointments to thoroughly disinfect treatment rooms

*All surfaces will be sanitized between patients and disposable bed covers will be utilized.

Your safety and well-being is our priority!

Please note: As medical professionals we believe in science and the safety of our fellow humans and our health care front line workers. We ALL must do what is necessary to protect our community from the spread of COVID 19 and the resulting overload of our medical system that results when some do not share this desire. We are encouraging everyone to get vaccinated and are here for support and accurate science based information regarding the safety of COVID 19 vaccinations. At this time we are requiring all unvaccinated individuals to remain masked throughout their entire visit to our clinic . Although everyone will, as always, be treated with respect, If your treatment requires you to remove your mask we require that you are vaccinated in order to have that privilege.  

Together through science we can put COVID 19 behind us!